With a Pen

With your pen,
warm ink,
heat is a friend –
write your day
every day unhiding something
there’s a fearsome nothingness
that roars, only when you listen.
A chasm of pure dark
that is content with dissatisfaction
so write and hear –
here are no leaders, no followers,
here are no fears and no light.
Some eyes blink,
eyes that don’t
yet the light stays the same,
perspective is your choice
so write,
face the chasm.
No absence of light
highlights this
is something
that shredded you,
not something to hide.
This is a thing.
More than just a part of you,
it shows that within,
there was strength
and you didn’t let go
of that light.
Reflect the silence,
embrace the echo,
more than the light,
beyond the edge of the shadow,
owning it,
taking presence beyond
the skin and sinews,
simmering a part of your being
and knowing it takes
a moment to caress
into the light
with ink and the absurdity of words,
and ignite the story
into love.


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